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Director of Operations
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Gina Marrocco, born and raised in Winchester, MA, discovered her interest in the real estate industry from a young age. Growing up, she gained invaluable firsthand experience by actively listening to countless business calls and devoting her summers to working in her father's offices. Fueling her passion, Gina pursued her educational journey at the University of New Hampshire, where she achieved a degree in business and finance.
After college, Gina honed her skills in the finance industry, excelling in customer service and management. With meticulous attention to detail, she takes great pride in delivering exceptional care to her clients. Specializing in seamless transactional processes, she ensures smooth experiences for buyers and sellers.
Gina understands the paramount importance of communication, fostering meaningful dialogues to establish lasting relationships. She navigates the complexities of project management, skillfully managing budgets and transactions for optimal outcomes. As the driving force behind the scenes, Gina brings forth successful results.
In addition to her professional endeavors and working with her loved ones, Gina cherishes her family life and alongside her husband Ben, who are busy raising their two sons Wesley and Crew.

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